Stretch, Yoga, Movement!

Movement of the body is just as important as the food we eat! 

I cannot stress this point enough, this is a crucial element of nutritional therapy.  Your body was designed to move and will slowly degenerate if life becomes too sedentary.  When there is not enough motion for the body’s needs, it’s like having a car without wheels!  This is the same with nutritional therapy, movement helps process and assimilate those important raw materials throughout your body.

One of my loves in life since the year 2001 has been yoga, particularly hot yoga.  I grew up, immersed in a wide variety of sports and yoga really complimented these, with the ability to not only improve my flexibility, but also my strength, concentration abilities and cardiovascular system.  There is no part of the body that is missing a work-out when it comes to hot yoga.

You are working every muscle, bone, tissue and cell!  I completed my teacher training at the Absolute Academy Amsterdam in 2013 and have completed various yoga workshops since, mainly working with props and private lesson training to help with specific needs.

Through yoga there are many other benefits to gain.  When allowing the body to release tension and help the body rest to it’s parasympathetic state,  it is only then, can the body absorb the vital nutrients it requires to heal and function.

My specialty is hot yoga flow (hatha) and yoga flow in a normal room temperature.  I offer yoga classes in a group or a private setting.

Where to Find Me

You can find me at Urban Yoga and Labo Sajūtu Laboratorija studios in Rīga.

Contact:   +371 2455-4800.