I get this question all the time, especially from the local community here in Latvia, and thought it’s time to put some words on paper for you, to unravel this mystery together.

Now before we explore what nutritional therapy is, I want to ask when it comes to your own health, have you ever heard yourself say something like…

” I normally wake-up during the night, this is just how I am.

I’m prone to catching colds, if there is a bug or virus going around.  Chances are, I will get it too!

My energy is best in the evening, I don’t do mornings!

I normally get ear infections when flying long-distances, heck sometimes short flights.

I experience bloating, flatulence & gassiness at least once a week.

After eating, I sometimes feel sluggish.

And so on.. “

I remember back in my teens and early 20’s, I would put down my health concerns as just a matter of how I was built, and never took much thought that there was a different normality.  Once you knew the diagnosis and medicine in tow, life went on right!?

Sometimes we put it down to genetics, or this is just how my body is; this is my way of normal.  But what if it’s not normal?  Health complaints should never be normal, in fact this is a good sign that you are in tune with your body, as it is sending out signals that it desperately is in need of assistance.

I like to think, that the human body is the most sophisticated computer system on the planet.  It cannot be simply made by a man with all the intricacies such as how we think, feel, do, react and so on.  Ok, we are not in the dark ages anymore, and realise human robots may be sufficient for some monotonous tasks, but seriously!

Any kind of concern or discomfort you experience in your body such as brain-fog, lethargy, bloating, sensitive emotions, belching, skin rashes, anxiousness and other bad moods, general fatigue, PMS, stomach cramps, gas, reflux, etc do not have to part of your “normal”.  These health concerns are a sign that there are nutritional deficiencies, which generally results from modern processed foods that impairs digestion, and also genetics can have a role.

In nutritional therapy, layer by layer we are looking at the “WHY” 

It’s important to understand, that these health complaints you may experience need to be treated at a much deeper level.  Think of your body like a house, and it’s the foundational pillars that needs some work, to provide your body the health it needs to carry out all the daily demands.  If we treat the symptoms, for example a cough, menstruation pain, hay-fever, brain-fog, irritability, mood-swings.. and so forth.  These will be remediated for the short-term, and are bound to return.  This is why in nutritional therapy, utmost focus must be on your foundational health, that addresses your:

  • digestion
  • liver function
  • overall gut health
  • sugar balance
  • hydration
  • vitamin and mineral need
  • balancing hormones

All food and supplement recommendations are based around these foundational elements.

The body works like a spiral, cells form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form systems.  Clients are able to resolve health complaints by focusing on their foundational pillars of health.  Many clients find that after just a few months of Nutritional Therapy, they feel better than they have in a long time. Some feel better than they can ever remember.

Nutritional Therapy works to resolve health complaints by building up a person’s health and by replenishing missing nutrients, as opposed to blocking functions (from strong medicines) or killing off things in the body.  After working with a nutritional therapy practitioner for some time, the client also learns the ability to attune to their own nutritional needs.

This restoration and fine-tuning, allows people to live vibrant, abundant and optimal healthy lives; which in essence is the goal of Nutritional Therapy!