A bit more about where I’m at…

So you may have seen my latest announcement with regards to honing in on what can be a touchy subject about women’s health and keeping happiness in the hormone area.

This subject is close to my heart for many years whether I knew it or not, due to a monthly debilitating menstruation, that could range from four hours of WTF pain (F for Fridge) up until two days…  I celebrate each month since!  It’s been about 3 years now, where the majority is more or less pain-free. I’ve had a few slips (goodness that sounds like I’ve fallen off the band-wagon, and perhaps I did)… Yikes and the PMS is not fun for you, nor anyone that is within 50 metres (sometimes miles), working in progress – but that moment when you know you are good to go, and don’t have to stop your whole world, it’s a momentous and liberating occasion. I would say I actually look forward to my monthly cycle now.

Perhaps you have had similar experiences?  I would love to hear where you’re at.

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