Most of us are aware, of the importance of drinking enough water. Getting our daily dose of water helps our organs perform their functions, keeps our skin clear and hydrated, and allows physical action in our bodies to flow smoothly.

Even with this knowledge, it can still be challenging to drink all the water our bodies deserve daily. In the summer, when we tend to play hard, sweat and spend prolonged time in the sun, drinking plenty of water is crucial.  Those who are not drinking enough may experience poor digestion, sluggish thinking, skin breakouts, headaches, bad breath and general fatigue.


Here are my key top tips to stay well hydrated that can be instant game changers!

  • Start your day right!  Set a large glass of water by your bed each night and drink it when you wake up. Drinking water first thing in the morning pulls out toxins from the previous day, whilst renews your system for the day ahead. Yes, please!
  • Keep a bottle of water accessible throughout the day, whether you are on the go or at a desk. Having a bottle of water close by will remind you to take a sip when thirsty. The first sip will usually let you know how much more water you need. A sip or two may be enough, or you may need a big glass.
  • If you drink most of your daily water before early evening, you most likely will not be thirsty before bed. This is good, prior bedtime, and then waking to use the bathroom disturbs your peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Perhaps you are drinking too much water, and it is flushing through your system too quickly. This could mean that your digestion system needs some support. Try adding a small sprinkle of good quality sea-salt to your water, to help with the assimilation.

What about quality?

Some people like bottled water, while others prefer filtered water. The key is to like the taste of the water you are drinking, and the water should agree with your body. If the taste of plain water is unappealing, experiment to see how you can make it tasty and drinkable.

  • Add a few mint or basil leaves, a wedge of lemon, a sprig of parsley, slices of cucumber, a twist of lime or a squeeze of orange to make water more tempting, or to jazz up your routine.
  • Go easy on the fresh juices and drinking your calories, particulalry if you have cravings for sugar! Juices from vegetables and fruits break down very quickly in the body, and can cause a sugar high!
  • Drinking herbal teas that contain no caffeine, and eating raw fruits and vegetables contribute to the hydration process.

So, enjoy these warmer months, drink plenty of water! For those who are abroad and transitioning to winter – enjoy those warming soups and hot teas.

Your body will love you!