This post is aimed at the Ladies!  Gents can apply the same, just think dangling bits..

I remember like it was yesterday, sitting on the floor of my hotel room, chemical carpet smell and all. Contemplating all the new learnings from my nutritional therapy course, and relieved I was at the half-way point. I was trying to absorb and retain as much information as possible, and getting ready for the journey back to Latvia.

I would say, I was far from healthy. In fact I learned that my digestion system was severely compromised, my adrenals were under a lot of stress, I was dehydrated from all the air-conditioning, and my body had no idea what time it was.. But that’s ok, it was the bigger picture that kept me going, the yearning to help others find balance and the underlying cause to their symptoms.

In the midst of my overwhelm, I had a desperate need to shoot out an email to my girlfriends about the interesting discussion points from our amazing Lead Instructor and classmates that day.  I almost recall every word that was said, which thankfully is a sign I was listening. I already had some awareness – but this time it really stuck.  I heard loud and clear some changes that I had to make, and in case you are not already aware, I hope these points also “stick” with you!


1. Bra Revamp

Remove any metal underwire in your bra’s. You don’t need to throw them out and buy new ones, that’s way too expensive!  We have lymph nodes all over our body and toxins start to build up if these are blocked all day.

There is a tonne of choices these days if we want to go out and buy a wireless bra! Most brands are completely on-board, and looking for the most effective support without the metal!

Give your “girls” (boobs) a break! Next opportunity when you are at home, ditch the bra for that extra breathing space.

See link for more info.


2. Get those girls moving, yes your boobs!   

Think of a bouncing technique.  Jiggling, wiggling, massage, jumping!  It doesn’t matter how big or small your boobs are, they need movement.  That 5-10 minute short jog around the block maybe just the thing you need.

For those extra busy days, every morning after the shower, give your “girls” a good shake!

Hilarious right?  What a great start to the day, because this makes you laugh as well!


3. Ditch the chemical products

Think about where we perspire the most and how open our pores become.  Slathering on chemical-laden deodorant can really cause upset to your lymph nodes and tissues around this area.

Start by making your own deodorant!

It can take a couple of times to get the right consistency and strength for your individual needs, but completely worth the whole five minutes it takes to make, and saves you money in the long run.

Be careful, go easy on the baking soda at first, otherwise it will burn. Speaking from experience that burn really stings, ouch!  One batch can last for months, and for those who know me, I like to sweat.  Sprinkle more bicarbonate soda as you go along to freshen it up.

You only need a pea-size each time you apply. Wait a bit until it is dry before dressing.  This prevents any oil residue getting on your clothes.


Homemade Deodorant Recipe


  5 T coconut oil

  2 T shea butter  *

  2-3 T bicarbonate soda

  2 T arrowroot powder   *

  few drops of essential oils   *





1.  Half-melt the coconut oil and shea butter. This takes seconds.

If your coconut oil is already partially melted due to your environment, use a fork to combine the shea butter. The shea butter is optional. You can experiment and see what your preference is. I have only started adding shea in the last two years, and it is totally fine. It really is not a must!


2.  Add bicarbonate soda and arrow-root powder, mix well.

Can’t get your hands on arrow-root powder? Add a dash more of bicarbonate soda. I cannot comment on making it without the arrow-root, I am running a little low so will try with the next batch. To put things into perspective, I purchased a 200 grams jar about three years ago, hmm I hope it is still fresh, but this is how long it lasts! It is much easier on the pocket and environment when you compare how many rolls of deodorant a person can use.


3.  Add a few drops of essential oils.

Pick a fragrance that you are drawn to. Perhaps the mood is juicy oranges, lavender, or more of a pick-me-up citrus such as lemon. I would avoid the oils that you have a known sensitivity to. Essential oils are extremely powerful and are meant for small doses.

Again totally optional. If you are sensitive to most essential oils, skip it.


4.  Store in a container of your choice.

This is personal, you may like to keep one big tub and have a smaller container that you take with you everywhere and just stock up as needed. You may be one of those highly-organised types, and have a couple of containers on the go. Better yet, share a couple of tubs with a friend!

These quick lifestyle habits are easy to implement, and are often overlooked when we think about our health.

I hope you got something out of this post, and also adds some humour to your day.

What will you give a try?



Source:  Nutritional Therapy Association, Empowered Sustenance