Nutritional Therapy


What does nutritional therapy look like?

Once we have determined we are a right fit to work together, I need to gather your story in as much detail as I can.

This is not the time to hold back about yourself…

If something is left out, it could be a vital piece that is needed for your customised nutrition plan.
YES, it can differ to other treatments you have experienced…  However, Nutritional Therapy recognises there are no two individuals who are exactly the same!

I will send you all the required information prior to your appointment.  These comprise of a health history form, food journal and nutritional assessment questionnaire.  The forms have been carefully designed to discover the important components that make you as a whole.

Introduction to Nutritional Therapy

Total of 2 consultations is required to start your customised nutritional therapy plan, includes email/phone support in-between appointments.

Consultation 1 – (75 minutes)

  • Initial Health History Review
  • Dietary & Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Symptom Burden Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • Education and support around strategic change based on the health history and NAQ intake
  • Discuss next steps and support
  • Customised nutritional recommendations provided, based on your bio-individuality

Consultation 2 – (50 minutes)

  • Consultation 2 commences within 10 days, to effectively track progress and provide you the support required to adhere to dietary changes
  • Functional Evaluation
  • Recommendations for continuing nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Resources are provided for your bio-individual needs.

Once you have completed the Introduction to Nutritional Therapy, we will meet for “Follow-Up” sessions every 2 to 4 weeks, dependent on your health goals.  These sessions give us a chance to review, monitor, and make the necessary updates to your customised nutrition plan.  Long-term healing and progress towards your goals takes time.  By this stage, your body has been given a chance to work on it’s foundational health.  It is ready for next steps, to discover potential nutritional deficiencies, and work more in-depth to address root causes.


(50 minutes)

  • Dietary & Lifestyle Review
  • Functional Evaluation
  • Lingual Neural Test (LNT) for potential nutritional deficiencies
  • Symptom Burden Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • Education and support around strategic change based on the health history and NAQ intake
  • Updated customised nutritional recommendations

If you are not quite ready to commit to appointments or would like to get a small taste of what Nutritional Therapy is, there is an option to do the online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).  The assessment addresses your entire system as a whole, and you will be provided with customised nutritional recommendations and priority set, based on your bio-individuality.  You also receive accountability support for 10 days.

Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)

  • The questionnaire covers 300 questions from a foundational and symptom burden perspective. Important; although 300 questions sounds like a lot, the questionnaire is designed to take an estimate of 20-25 minutes.
  • The results provides an understanding of the symptom burden load on your body, as well determines symptom burden priority.
  • Your results are provided, along with your priorities and a customised nutrition plan for your bio-individual needs.
  • 10 day accountability check-in.


Additional Info

The Introduction to Nutritional Therapy option, is the first step in discovering the status of your foundational health.  This involves assessment of your current dietary intake, an extensive review of your health history, and you will complete an online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ). The NAQ examines all the early warning signs and symptoms you may be experiencing which we can then trace back to underlying foundational organ system dysfunction.

We will discuss the findings, and outline the initial recommendations and priorities which you can use to start addressing your health concerns.

For those looking to go much deeper in their health journey, no matter where you are currently at in your health…  You may want to investigate the root underlying cause of your health concerns utilising functional testing.  Most of my successful clients have worked with me, starting from 3 up to 9 months.  Please contact me about my 3-Month Program.  Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix, and then revert back to how you used to eat!

When using the contact form, please indicate which service reasonates with you the most, and outline in a couple of sentences your main health concerns and goals. 

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Looking for a quick fix can cause havoc and long-term harm to your body