…  Accept where you are at this very moment!

This is with your foods, your physical activity, your relationships, your spiritual life and your career!  These are your primary foods, and the actual “food” is secondary, but we will cover that another day.

Yes that’s right..  Accept your weight, your habits, your tastes, your quirky characteristics, your likes and dislikes.

Freaking honour them!  Acknowledge this is who you are, do not pretend nor try to be something that you are not.

This is a big game changer!

In my early 30’s I would sometimes compare how I used to be.  Why can I not wear those ridiculous tight jeans anymore!  The truth is our body changes, and that is ok. In fact it is needed.  When we start to compare, or say things like “I should exercise more”, or “I should not eat this,” “I’m not happy with my body”, it sets the stage for self-sabotage.

Guilt and negative self-talk towards the body leads to STRESS!  While the body needs some stress in order for things to happen, you are taking the very essence away from food – enjoyment…

If this is a regular occurrence, the body cannot cope.  Over time, it starts to respond where it thinks an emergency situation is occurring, and your body is working really hard internally to keep you in balance.

This leads to..

  • Little energy remains for the body to heal and improve.
  • Many nutrients are lost, the body has to steal important vitamins from other parts of the body.
  • Therefore the body is in no position to get onboard with your health goals.

Not to mention, when we try to step back in time, and eat or have the same exercise regime as we did a few years ago, this is doing the body an incredible disservice.  The key to good health and finding out what your body needs is focusing on where your body is each and everyday, perhaps you did a lot of exercise one day so you need to take it easy the next.

We all mess up sometimes.  By ACCEPTING wherever you are on your journey and not giving into being complacent, brings you more peace and will help get you there!

What will you Accept more of today?