Let’s face it, time is precious and depending where we are with our priorities and key goals at the time we could always do with a bit more time.  This is why I want to explore with you on the exercise front for the extra busy bees, where integrating some minor changes into your daily life can have significant effects to your health.

Over the years living in the busiest cities imaginable, climbing up the corporate ladder you get an understanding that you actually perform better if you allow yourself to get some frequent physical activity in your week.

The more deadlines to be met, the more important it is to be mindful of your health and physical needs.  The key is to find some form of physical activity you enjoy and take the “exercise must-do/should’ve” component away.

Exercise must be something you enjoy which is key to help you stick with it!

So let’s GET MOVING!

Experiment over the next couple of weeks only one different type of exercise which you have always wanted to try.  What have you got to lose?  It’s can be a present for yourself.

Also start to include incidental exercise into your daily routine whether this may be walking, cycling to work, doing your food shopping.  You may be living in a cycle friendly city which is a fantastic way to get your body moving with a purpose.  Depending on your location and work set-up you can also run to work…  Most companies have shower facilities.

Sneak a quick walk or jog during your lunch break.  Great way to break your day and return with recharged batteries!  These type of exercises are time effective and even if it’s gradual changes for example taking the stairs instead of the lift for two flights; getting off your public transport route earlier than usual it all adds up.  I’ve always been a walk to work person myself where possible, yes get those sneakers out!  May not be the trendiest but your heart will love you for it and it just simply makes you feel good, which means others around you will be feeding off your buzz!  Helps get you through those deadlines.

There is also a significant increase where professionals work from home.  This allows you to really utilise the time to your advantage and schedule.  Perfect for those who enjoy a brisk 30 minute walk or run between meetings.

If you have a set workout which you really want to do, make that a habit and your life will gradually work around these important needs!  You can always make time up with work whether starting or finishing a bit later so you can get your physical activity needs met.  If you are working non-stop in back to back meetings it can actually have the reverse effect and the task at hand takes longer to finish versus taking a break, clear the head with a new found focus.

Food and sweat for thought – You can do it!