A couple weeks ago we were talking about what are we doing to get out of our comfort zones.   Did you get up to anything with this challenge, or any ideas crop up?  Or were these just pondering thoughts, hmmmm…
I chose to limit my water intake in my yoga class which was a huge step as although I’ve been doing yoga for many years, I was comfortable knowing I can reach for water when I felt the least bit uncomfortable which was quite often. 
I still have a long way to go, however more mindful to stop and ask myself…
  1. Do I really need this? 
  2. How is this serving me? 

To also mix it up I chose to practice being as still as possible inbetween postures.

Yoga brings stillness to your life and I also noticed I would fidget at certain times throughout the lesson. Wow, it’s amazing that we slip into old habits, patterns that maybe blocking us from growing.  To my delight and surprise after practicing more stillness and less water I found the yoga was 10 x times easier!  So why do we revert back to habits that are not serving us?

The first step is having a certain awareness to try something new.  After all you will never know the outcome unless you try a different approach.

It is important to be well hydrated prior and after class versus drinking during class as this makes it uncomfortable to do the postures and your body goes into digestion mode which requires energy.  This energy is best reserved for your practise or exercise regime.  I knew this for a very long time, however was afraid to try it out.

I also realised this was not only my comfort zone but a habit which was not letting me grow so much in my practise, a template of which is sewn into me that I realise with small steps I will try to break.  For those who have a regular exercise regime whether it’s running, walking, yoga, tennis..  do you find yourself fussing with your towel, costume or just distracted easily and not really being in the present moment in order to reap the benefits?

You can also apply this method in your daily life.  Reflect in areas where you may go into auto-pilot mode, or habits of the past where you are not seeing results and try that first different step!