Do you ever feel like a slave to your job, family, friends, colleagues, no time for yourself?  Having struggles trying to squeeze everything into your schedule?

It is important to connect with yourself and take a moment for yourself each day.  Whether this is early in the morning, quiet time throughout your day or in the evening, a daily ritual just for yourself connects you with whom you really are and guides you throughout your day.

Whether this is just sitting with yourself sipping a cup of tea very slowly, prayer, deep breathing and just taking time to reflect how you actually feel at that moment, notice your thoughts and where your focus is.  Do you feel in tune with yourself or perhaps a bit off balance?

Your ritual may be anything from a quick five minute walk around your neighbourhood, keeping a journal, practising mindful eating, deep breathing to dancing to your favourite song and just enjoying the moment!

Be conscious of your thoughts and allow for appreciation of the small things.  Our thoughts are like a spiral which impacts our state of being.  Sometimes we can have a bad day but what if we can quickly turn this around by simply focusing on one small thing to be grateful for.   Using this tool diminishes the downward spiral and when you start showing grace in your daily life, this magnifies beyond your wildest dreams and the “bad” stuff becomes less important.

Some of us get to the end of the day, week sometimes and miss the satisfaction and appreciation of what they achieved.  Having a ritual connects you with yourself, tuning in to who you really are and keeping you on the right track of your intentions and goals.

Don’t wait for the end of the week, find something each day to allow you to tune in and enjoy what comes up.