Have you ever thought about your daily habits?

Did we inherit them from our parents, partners, colleagues, friends?  It’s a bit crazy to think, once we try something, it has potential to be part of our daily life…

I tend to be one of those ideas people, starting many things and not finishing, a bit on the hyper side!  It wasn’t until I took a hard honest look at my day, confirmed my ONE non-negotiable, and removed some clutter that had crept into my life, that things started to turn around!

 When you find yourself in a fizz of overwhelm, step away from whatever you are doing for 20 minutes.  Tune your attention onto something else to recharge. It is counterproductive to think we will achieve more, by throwing more time at it.  Your body is telling you loud and clear, something needs to change.

So let’s get clear on your one non-negotiable!

  1. Write down ONE non-negotiable habit that you will commit to each day.
  2. Schedule the time in your calendar, stick it everywhere you can see it, cement it, OWN it!
  3. Estimate the length of time it will take you to finish.
  4. Once complete, avoid diving into “next mode”.  Take time to acknowledge yourself, and reflect for any adjustments needed for the next day.

When we focus on this one good habit, there is less room for bad habits to form.

Sounds too easy right?  When you are feeling a bit frazzled, or you are just completely stuck, call for your Back-Up Plan!  This technique is more of a brain-dump, let it all out!


Take two minutes to list all that you do, from the moment you wake, to when you are asleep.


  • Leave no gaps, include shower, dressing, exercise, prayer, travel, cooking, errands, writing “to-do lists”, working.
  • Write with a pen, to bring more awareness.
  • Scan your list and choose ONE habit to let go of.

If you are pretty happy with your habits, this does not mean to start adding new ones.  There are only so many hours in the day, if you take on too much you will only burn yourself into the ground.  Use the principles above to keep yourself balanced and grounded.

When things don’t go quite as planned, note that change is a life-long process.  Accept and enjoy the ride!

What’s your ONE non-negotiable?  The world needs you!