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I have engaged Christina’s expertise regarding my daughter who is 9. My daughter Ruby spontaneously presented with a rare vascular disease called Henloch Scholein Pupura, HSP. HSP is an auto immune related disease. My daughter had a very severe event, requiring 5 hosptialisations and has suffered with internal organ inflammation, fatigue, gut bleeds, joint swelling and generalised and random tissue swelling, as well as mini bleeds all over the limbs (all consistent with HSP).

Main stream medicine offers very little to treat the disease, and merely treats the ailments (often with very aggressive forms of medication eg morphine, tramadol, steroids to manage pain and inflammation.

Christina is a source of tremendous knowledge regarding nutrition. She has taken the time to understand Ruby as an individual, done her own research on the illness Ruby has, and made recommendations which are practical and well considered. Christina has assisted with educating me on what’s happening internally for Ruby, in a way that my daughter’s medical team didn’t.

To add to the possible complications – we are based in NZ. This however has not been a barrier. It feels seamless and efficient for us. Christina has connected with Ruby, and me via video conference, emailed fantastic and informative articles to me for my reference and child/age appropriate articles for Ruby to read so that she understands what’s happening inside her body and why she needs to exclude gluten from her diet. As such, Ruby is engaged and motivated.

Christina is an integral part of our life right now for dietary and nutrition advice – and I trust her implicitly and would recommend without hesitation.


Human Resources

Some time ago I realised that I am not happy with my health. I felt bad about myself and it was hard for me to do anything, even though my weight was normal.  On the internet I found a lot of confusing information – “try this diet”, “try these pills”, “try this workout and you will look and feel amazing”. I tried some of those, but I just felt more confused, more tired and I couldn’t do it. I heard a lot of good things about nutritional therapy, so I decided, that I should try it. The first time I went to the therapy I was surprised, how much Christina found out about my body and what I need, and what I don’t need. I was getting to know myself better. She kept reminding me to love myself and to go small steps, that it is not going to be fixed in one week, like the advertisements always promised. So I just kept going and I tried to eat better. And by better I mean the food, that was good for ME. That is the best thing about nutritional therapy, that you can find out what YOU need to do to make YOUR health better, because what may work for you, won’t work for someone else.

For me the high point of my nutritional journey was after I went through Restart program. I felt so good, I was so full with energy, my period was normalizing, my skin was healthier and I felt better about my body. And I got the tools and information about how to live and eat right. I continue to live according to what I learned. If you are considering doing nutritional therapy, I highly recommend that.  It is the best way how you can explore your body and to get to know what you really need.  Sometimes it may feel like a long road, but because Christina was always encouraging me and walking this road together with me, it was easier and more fun. I am very thankful for this opportunity!

R. Svarupa

When I first began seeing Christina for nutritional counseling, I could sense her authentic desire to help put my health on a path to wholeness. I initially went to her just wanting to “fix” symptoms I had learned to accept as normal like poor stress response, mid-day fatigue, severe menstrual cramps, and infertility. With time, my focus shifted from fixing symptoms to creating my most healthy body environment and letting the rest follow, which is quite liberating! I learned that our bodies are in tune with what they need and having someone skilled in identifying these needs is very helpful. Her methods of assessment and nutritional suggestions were so different than anything I’ve experienced in the past and were customized just for me! She always allowed plenty of time to thoroughly ask me questions, check on my progress, and make a game plan going forward. She took the time to research supplements I was using on my own, and gave me valuable information regarding their use. I enjoyed that I could immediately begin to apply her recommendations as whole food sources are the preferred medicines of choice. There is a process of implementing and building upon these nutritional recommendations in which Christina exercised great patience, understanding, and encouragement with. I’m happy to say some benefits came quite quickly. Having sustained energy through out the day and having reliably efficient digestion is so nice! After a while, I also realized that I became ill less frequently and was sleeping better. Perhaps best of all, my confounding infertility has resulted in the expectation of my first child later this year! I know the combination of optimizing my nutrition and lifestyle changes have contributed to these hugely beneficial impacts, and I know it will continue to be. I whole heartedly encourage anyone considering the gift of nutritional therapy to accept and trust that you are in good hands with Christina!


Volunteer & Mother

As a client of Christina’s from here in New Zealand, Christina has been more than accommodating with the time difference, when we meet on Skype for our meetings. She is absolutely a great listener, and responds with her wealth of knowledge educating me. She does not judge, professional at all times and has catered to suit my requirements and meet my needs, for my specific outcome.  She inspires me, motivates me, encourages me in a way that is gentle and personable to my lifestyle.  I am excited about my journey with the help of Christina.  

Christina has never taken me out of my comfort zone, and she can communicate her knowledge in a way that I can respond to.  I have made some incredible changes, and can’t thank her enough for educating me. I wish I had contacted her sooner, as this nutritional information is invaluable!

I highly recommend Christina to anyone considering nutritional therapy, or nutritional advice and education.  Christina is available to anyone international, or local.  My journey without a doubt would not have been walked without this amazing lady. Christina is a pure gem! xx



I would recommend Christina to anyone looking for the inspiration to be healthy and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Christina is a person whose interest in healthy living and healthy food stems from a genuine desire to be in good physical and emotional shape and to help others be the person they can be; and not only that; she has an extensive knowledge, gathered through study, over many years.

Before asking Christina to help me, I thought I was living a reasonably healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating wholesome foods. While chatting with Christina about food, the body’s ability to heal itself given the right nourishment, nutrients and conditions, I became aware that there was something I could do to help with energy levels and other conditions that had been a constant part of my life. Until then I had honestly just accepted them and thought it was all beyond my control. Christina showed me how wrong this misconception is, and how with right foods and nutrient supplements I could be healthier; and I am very pleased to say I am.

A real treasure; Christina is genuine, warm, kind, encouraging, giving, trustworthy, helpful, and knowledgeable, a great listener and so much more. She will never judge you and she is truly there for you.



My dermatitis suddenly appeared on my hands and fingers a few months ago.  I tried several creams that didn’t help at all.  This was a sign my health wasn’t the best.  With Christina’s knowledge, she has helped me improve my diet and exercise and my skin’s health. My energy has improved and my skin is clearing.

Christina shows how many of our health concerns can be solved by eating natural food and exercise!


Senior Beauty & Massage Therapist