For those who enjoy their hot yoga rest assured, there is no better time to continue your practise throughout the warmer months!  Now you may think this makes no sense whatsoever, “why on earth be inside a heated room, when I can be warm outside!”..  It’s important to understand that during this time, you still need to give your body a time to rejuvenate and bring it back to balance.  Warmer months brings more social outings and celebrations where you are giving a lot of yourself to others , and can sometimes leave you feeling scattered.

Over the years of practising throughout humid summers, I found the benefits outweighed the negatives and it gave me time to work on my practise differently.  Whether it was a time to just completely let go, or focus more on my breathing, I knew that if I carved out consistent time to practise I was ready for anything.  More often than not, the busier my schedule was, the more classes I attended!

Below are my “short-listed” favourite benefits why the practise of hot yoga serves you whilst it’s hot outside!

1.  Instilling good habits
Hot yoga encourages good habits of staying hydrated and nourishing your body with electrolytes on a regular basis.  During summer it is vital to stay well hydrated, and this also helps the nutrients move through your body and giving you the energy you need.  Your appetite is often lighter, and you are more satisfied with your food.

2.  Detoxify with ease
A hot yoga practice will help your body flush away the toxins through sweat, alongside the appropriate diet and hydration.  Eliminating the toxic load from your body through sweat allows your internal organs a well-deserved break.  Sweat can be your friend!

3.  Boosts those Endorphins
Hot yoga increases the level of the “feel-good” endorphin hormones that are naturally released during physical activity.  It certainly brings a smile to yourself.  Note, often the studio will need to turn the heat down, however due to humidity you warm up much faster compared to winter.  I’ve practised many summer classes where it was actually hotter outside than in my hot yoga class, reminding me that each day has a certain beauty to it and it is also a time to free the mind of expectations.

4.  Food tastes good, you crave healthy foods!
This is one of my favourites.  That moment when you are home after your class and you have cravings for the most delicious and healthiest food that you can get your hands on.  I cannot recall a time that I felt like junk food after a hot yoga class.  Your body is telling you exactly what it needs and because your body is so in tune after the delicious yoga it feels like a partnership in heaven.

5.  You learn to Love Yourself even more!
When I started my yoga practise many moons ago, I was very young in my early 20’s, and sometimes the choices I made were not so loving for my body.  The regular practise of hot yoga gave me a new rhythm and outlook on life, and other people’s opinions started to not matter anymore.  You start to really look inward as opposed to outward.  The heat brings a certain focus to remain present, whilst at the same time you are strengthening and nourishing your body with fresh oxygenated blood.  The practise teaches you to love and accept yourself completely, and you quickly realise you are far stronger than you imagined.

6.  You’ll deepen your practise
Keeping up your practise throughout summer is key to maintain all the hard work you made during the winter.  The progress that you made and range of motion that you worked hard for would soon disappear if you suddenly stopped.  It takes a greater length of time to come back to your practise as opposed to maintaining it.  Take advantage of the summer months to increase the motions of your joints, flexibility of the spine and mental stamina.  This also helps you step up your game not only in yoga but also in your life, stretching you to new horizons in your practise and not becoming complacent.

7.  You are preparing your body for outdoor activities..
A regular hot yoga practise, your body acclimatises.  You may notice the outside heat does not bother you as much.  Your body is becoming stronger which brings more ease to those particular summer activities or sports that you like to do.  Your endurance levels are longer and activities such as running, hiking, team sports, water sports are all attainable.

8.  You will Glow
Spending quality time with yourself and focusing on your own health needs first, you will be better placed and more in tune to help others.  It is a creative and positive time that you are cultivating, whereby passion of other hobbies may start to develop, and the learning’s along your yoga journey you start to share with the outside world.  You are creating a better place as the people around you can see that certain “Glow” from the inside that will spark the interest of others to join you.

It’s only a small portion of your week that you can develop a regular practise, where the benefits are numerous.  I hope to seeing your bright shining faces soon!

Love and light,
Christina  ♥