Find Your Optimal Balance

Nutritional Therapy Addresses

Food Intolerances, Digestive Dysfunction, Auto-Immune Disorders, Inflammation, Fatigue & Low Energy, Celiac, Leaky Gut Issues, Weight Loss or Gain, Dairy + Gluten Free Requirements, Anxiety & Insomnia, Brain Fog, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and so much more!

What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ (NTP)?

NTP’s are trained and certified by The Nutritional Therapy Association to use a science-based, holistic approach in order to achieve optimal health.

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, also known as NTP’s apply the Functional Medicine Model, which considers an individual’s biochemistry, lifestyle and environment to develop a safe, effective and personalised plan to help you achieve optimum wellness or support your recovery from poor health.  The NTP’s philosophy is based on addressing the foundational issues of wellness which are:


Blood Sugar Regulation

Fatty Acids



The basis of nutritional therapy is that properly prepared, nutrient dense food is a great healer and the body responds with good health when it receives the nutrients it needs.  Every body is different and each person comes with their own set of unique needs and issues to be dealt with.  Often there are underlying issues that need to be addressed before wellness can be achieved.  NTP’s work with each client closely and thoroughly to correct those underlying issues so that the body can receive the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

The Restart® Program

The 5-week RESTART® program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from having to process toxins like sugar.  With a 3-week sugar detox built right in, the program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut sugar and unhealthy cravings.  Discover how good you can feel!  

What to expect from The Restart® Program

Benefits to Expect

Better & More Restful Sleep
Boosted Immune System
More in-tune with Your Body
Mental Clarity & Improved Mood
Decreased Anxiety
Reduced PMS
Reduced Menopause Symptoms

What Do You Get?

RESTART® Program Materials
Nutritional Handouts
Sugar Detox, Accountability
Private Facebook Group
Restart Recipes
Personalised Support
Part Nutrition, Part Education

Key Learnings

How to Prepare for..
Your REAL FOOD Challenge!
Your Digestive Check-In
What Sugar Really Does
in Your BODY
The Truth About FATS
How to Move Forward &
CELEBRATE Your Success!
Rua ~ balance, harmony, aroha
origin pikorua (maori)

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is not to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of your Doctor or Healthcare provider. As a Nutritional Therapist I have been trained to give dietary and supplementation recommendations to help bring the body back into balance. Always check with your Doctor or Healthcare provider before starting any type of health or nutritional protocol, especially if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition.